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3.2. Adding Resources

1. To add a resource select "Add Resource" from the resources dropdown:

2. Enter in basic information about the resource:

3. Click Next>>

4. You may then modify the Interdivisional Status & Attributes

Interdivisional Status

This status marks the resource as available in the event an interdivisional Task Force or Strike Team is built. By default this is checked:

To update the status:

1. Click the check box appropriately.
2. Click Update I-Div Status.

Resource Attributes

1. Select the attribute category you wish to select from:

2. Click "Select Attribute Type>>"
3. You will then be shown a list of those attributes you can add:

4. Use the drop down to select the attribute from that category, enter a quantity and click "Add Attribute & Quantity"

5. Once you have added the first attribute you will see a table appear listing all the attributes you have added:

6. Clicking on "Remove" will eliminate that single line.

7. To change attribute categories select the new category and click "Select Attribute Type>>"

8. Once finished click "Finished Adding Attributes" at the bottom of the screen.

You will then have the option of adding an image of the attribute:

Once done or if you do not wish to add an image click "Next>>" to complete the addition.

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