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6.7. Tracker


1. The Tracking Panel allows you to track the status of the responding units:

2. The colors in the buttons indicate the unit status:

3. Clicking on a unit once will move the unit's status one level (i.e. clicking on a Paged unit will move it to Acknowledged).

image ------->  image

4. You can also right click on a unit and directly set it's status:


1. To pass a unit right click on the unit you wish to pass:

2. Select image
*In the event that two units are due this will pass 1 of the resources you have right clicked on.

3. The system will then automatically move up all needed units, fill in any holes and then generate a pass script for you to execute your page out:

Adding Resources (Special Requests)
1. When command makes a request for resources not on a card you can add units specified by clicking on image.

2. Start typing the units you wish to add and click on them (You can add multiple units in one special request):

3. The system will then provide a page out script and add the units to the card to allow tracking:

Auto-Add Units

1. In the event that command does not know the specific agencies to receive units from dispatch can auto-add units provided they know the number and type of each unit needed.

2. Click on: image

3. Set the required number of each resource (in this case two engines, two tenders and a ladder truck):


4. The system will then search for available units and added them to the card along with a page out script:


Adding Comments

To add comments that will appear in the Box Card Timeline:

1. Click on the "Add Comment" button:


2. Enter your comment:


3. Click "Save Changes".

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