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3.1. Searching Resources

1. To search the resources inside of the EMABAS system select "Search Resources" in the Resources drop down:

2. The search process essentially works as a phrase builder. That is to to say that the query of the search is built from the top down and can be read out loud in human readable phrases:

The search phrase above would read: "Search division 113 for Engines from any department that has any/all attributes"

The Attributes drop down will allow you to search the inventories (where entered) for specific (NFPA) resource attributes.

The "and is _____ miles from _____" will add geography to your search.

This will be entered in the form of ___5___ miles from __606 center ave oostburg wi__.

3. Results are displayed as below:

4. Clicking on the magnifying glass will show details of the resource:

5. You may filter the attributes by typing data into the fields in the column headers which will automatically filter as you type:

6. You may search the entire table by using the search box to the right and above the table:

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